NETASQ has developed a comprehensive range of network security solutions. Combining multiple layers of protection without compromising on performance, NETASQ firewalls address the security needs of companies of all sizes.

NETASQ Multi-function Firewall

NETASQ U Series S Models

The latest models of NETASQ application firewalls embed all the protection technologies usually reserved for large corporations and military organizations.

NERASQ NG1000A & NG5000A

NETASQ application firewalls redefine the concept of perimeter security. Its application traffic inspection engine at the heart of the architecture offers superior analysis without noticeable impact on latency.

NETASQ Virtual Appliances

NETASQ V50, V100, V200 & V500

Through an upgradable range of virtual appliances, NETASQ’s V series offer the same functionality as their hardware equivalents, but without the initial equipment cost. This allows customers to maximize their return on investment in virtualized infrastructure.

NETASQ VU (Unlimited)

For environments where scale and flexibility are paramount, the NETASQ virtual appliance (unlimited) delivers the full extent of NETASQ’s certified protection technology with an unlimited usage license.


This range, developed specifically for securing server farms, delivers high performance protection at an attractive price.